Anchor bolt grouting is an active mean to reinforce the construction

Geschrieben von sofort am 6. November 2017 10:36 Uhr


The technology of anchor bolt grouting that has been regularly applied in excavation or backfill with the widely carried out of geological engineering and infrastructures. The measurement of the application of anchor bolt grouting is a kind of active means to provide powerful strength to the rock bolt for poling in mining, tunneling, foundation support, slope stabilization and hydroelectric support project and other civil industries.
The anchor bolt grouting technology can not only be applied in the extreme conditions to provide peace of mind, such as broken layers, loose soils, fracture zones and so on, but also has a number of advantages like economical, practical, time-saving, energy-saving and low consumption of raw materials, which is so convenient and efficient for the operation that the full mechanize can be easily assured.
Sinorock anchor bolt grouting technology is typically installed using rotary percussive drilling. This technique enables high rates of installation, good directional stability and also helps to consolidate the grout within the borehole. It hard to believe that Sinorock has become the No.1 exporter of anchor bolt grouting technology and anti-corrosion anchor bolt in Asia. About 5 years ago Sinorock only has one small factory but now we have established two modern plant and two offices.


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