Self drilling anchor bolt design has the ability to provide the project reliable support

Geschrieben von sofort am 17. November 2017 09:49 Uhr


SDA bolt is a kind of anchoring measurement to pass the loading capacity of rock surface to the deep position of rock mass, as a result, the reinforcement of soils can be fully realized. It is a rock reinforcement techniques to treat densely packed reinforcement approach as rock reinforcement means to increase the strength and durability of reinforced rocks. Once the ground condition get changed, SDA bolt has ability to provide anti-tension.
What's more, SDA bolt is suffering from full force and two direction of sliding surface is alike, pointing to the inter-face. The hollow anchor bolt is forced by pre-stress and accept active force, which is meant to the strength of slope that conducted by anchor tube. With the end of loss of pre-stress as well as the deformation of slope, the anchor bolt will be degenerated as soil nail.
Sinorock is a famous manufacturer that always concentrate on the development of self drilling anchor bolt design. The Sinorock service is reliable. We also has ISO, SGS and CE certifications, so we can sell products to the Europe market. In recent years, with the demand of the engineering projects supporting operations and development, SDA bolt became the main material requirements.


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